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Recruitment Sales Specialist - 100% Commission

Posted April 22, 2024

SequentialHR + Recruiting is looking for a seasoned sales professional for a 100% commission-based position. This will be a contract position and the ideal candidate will be able to sell monthly hiring subscriptions and recruiting services anywhere in Canada. This position is 100% remote and the commission structure is generous with no cap on how much you can make.

What will you be doing?

ProHiring|365 - This hiring system was built to save time for companies with ongoing hiring needs. This system works best for high turnover positions like servers, technicians, massage therapists, etc. You will be selling a monthly subscription to potential clients/companies. Once you have sold the system, the team at Sequential will set up the client and maintain the relationship with them to give you time to sell to more clients. You will have no ongoing client servicing once you bring in the new client.

Recruiting - we are looking for new companies with a great company culture that are hiring and would like our boutique-style expertise to get the right person for their open positions. Industries include finance and accounting, legal, management and IT.  We offer personalized service, assessments, interviewing and a 120-day guarantee. The ideal client is mid-sized companies with 10-100 employees with ongoing hiring needs.



  • The commission starts at 20% of the monthly subscription
  • The average subscription is $300-400/month
  • Sell 10 subscriptions per month - earn $600 - 800
  • Base of 100 clients - earn $6,000 - 8,000/month


  • The commission starts at 4% of the base salary of filled positions.
  • Eg. a base Salary of $100,000 - the commission would be $4,000.
  • Increase to 5% after $1M in salaried positions filled (~ roughly 10 positions)

The ideal candidate:

  • Loves to sell and has a knack for getting to the right decision maker to close the deal efficiently
  • Has 3-5 years of experience selling professional services preferably in recruiting or HR
  • Has a diploma/degree in business, marketing or equivalent
  • Is a trusting and kind person who believes in the service they are selling


Please go through our application system by subitting your resume, answering some quetions and doing a quick phone interview.  If selected, we will contact you to set up an interview.